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Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake

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Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake

Simply delicious and makes any celebration more special!

  • 1hr 20mins
  • Serves 8
  • Medium



Get ready for your mouth to start watering.

This Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake Recipe is one-of-a-kind and incredibly delicious. Strawberry shortcake recipes are incredibly popular because of the beautiful flavor combination and the delicious textures of pastry, cream, and of course, strawberries. This Strawberry shortcake cheesecake is a twist on the traditional strawberry shortcake recipe by incorporating the same incredible strawberry shortcake recipe flavors and key features but combining it with strawberry cheesecake.

Cheesecakes and specifically strawberry cheesecake are some of my favorite types of cake to make. Cheesecakes are incredibly simple, taste delicious, and are a crowd-pleaser. This strawberry shortcake cheesecake recipe does exactly that. Not only does it look incredibly impressive, but tastes better than it even looks.

If you like strawberry cheesecake or strawberry shortcake recipes, this needs to be the next cake you make.

The ingredients are fairly simple when it comes to this strawberry shortcake cheesecake recipe. The main star of the show, (other than the delicious strawberries), is the Golden Oreos. Oreos are some of my favorite companions when it comes to cheesecakes, but Golden Oreos are what takes this strawberry shortcakes cheesecake recipe to the next level and truly mimic that traditional strawberry shortcake recipe flavor.

Bake time is only about an hour and the prep time is hardly anything, making it the perfect cake recipe for your next birthday party, special occasion or this strawberry shortcake cheesecake would be absolutely amazing for Valentine’s Day as well!


Bottom crust
22 Golden Oreos Crushed
5 Tbsp Melted butter
4 8oz packages cream cheese
1 2/3 cups sugar
1/4 cup corn starch
1 Tbsp Pure Vanilla Extract
2 Large Eggs
3/4 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
Jar of Smuckers strawberry ice cream topping


12 Golden Oreos Crushed & divided into 2 bowls (one for plain Oreo topping, one for your strawberry ones)
1 1/2 Tsp Softened Butter
3 Tbsp from a small package of strawberry gelatin

Helpful Tools:

When it comes to baking this incredible strawberry shortcake cheesecake, these are some of my favorite dishes, kitchen gadgets, and ingredients that can be ordered online and can make life so much easier in the kitchen.

Golden Oreos

Golden Oreos

I sometimes find it difficult to find Golden Oreos in my grocery store. That’s why when I know I’m going to make my strawberry cheesecake soon, I order them right on Amazon and they arrive on my doorstep in a couple of days or less!

Aluminum Cake Pans (Set of 2)

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Wilton Aluminum Round Set, 8 x 2-Inch, 2-Pack Cake Pan Multipack, Assorted

Stand Mixer

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Custom label stickers

This is generally used for the final packaging part of the cake. If you choose the cake to give to others or sell after it is ready, then you can make your cake look very unique and professional from the packaging. You can customize the greeting on the sticker, Or customize your own logo and pattern. If you think the design is too difficult, the custom stickers from GS-JJ provide free design services.



Start Prep

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Line the outer perimeter of your pan with aluminum foil and generously apply butter to the inside to prevent sticking.


Create Crust

Start to form the crust by crushing the Oreo’s. Start to incorporate the butter until it's well mixed and coated. Press Oreo/butter mixture in the bottom of your springform pan.


Start Filling

Place one 8-ounce package of the cream cheese, 1/3 cup of the sugar, and the cornstarch in a large bowl.


Combine and Blend

Beat with an electric mixer on low until creamy, about 3 minutes, then beat in the remaining 3 packages of the cream cheese. Increase the mixer speed to high and beat in the remaining 1 1/3 cups of the sugar, then beat in the vanilla.


Add Cream and Eggs

Blend in the eggs, one at a time, beating the batter well after each one.
Blend in heavy cream.

At this point mix the filling only until completely blended. Be careful not to overmix the batter.


Transfer to Pan & Marbleize

Gently spoon 1/2 of the cheese filling on top of the prepared crust.
Plop 1/2 the jar of strawberry topping here and there throughout your cake pan.
Drag a butterknife through the strawberries to marbleize the cheese/strawberries.
Spoon in the other half of the batter and then repeat the strawberry process on top.



Bake for 1 hour or until there is only a slight jiggle when you shake it gently.


Crumb Mixture

In a small bowl or the food processor, add the Oreo cookies and pulse into large crumbs. Add the softened butter and mix gently with a fork or your hands to make pea-sized pieces stick together. Scoop out 2 tablespoons of the mixture into a small bowl and set aside. Pour strawberry jello powder over the remaining crumbs and continue pinching the pieces together.
Add more softened butter if needed for the mixture to stick to the cake.


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